The Way Health Care Should Be.

Sometimes people find health information hard to understand. Maybe they are from a different background, culture or race. Maybe they have trouble reading or speaking English. Maybe the doctor seems too busy for a question, uses big medical words or doesn't ask if you understood.

Whatever the reason, if you do not understand important health information, it could affect your health. You may not get help early to find or prevent problems. You might not follow what your doctor wants you to do.

We want to help. This website gives you information and tools that can help you communicate with experts in the field of health care and with your health plan.

You will find links to:

  • On-line health topics written in easy-to-read, simple words.
  • Health information in several languages.
  • Tools to help you better communicate during a doctor visit.
  • Health articles on health conditions that can more often affect Latinos or African Americans.

It is your right to understand what you need to know your health care. Together we can work to make communication about your health the best it can be.