Four Ways to Get Help With Health Questions

We Can Help You Understand

Sometimes health information and instructions are hard to understand.  But we can make it easier for you.  Here is how:

1.  Member Help

Our Customer Care Center has people who speak your language.  They can also explain information that is hard to understand.  

Call us if you need help to

  • Find a doctor.
  • Fill out a form.
  • Understand something we have sent you.
  • Solve a problem or complaint about your care or service.

The telephone number of our Customer Care Center is on the back of your member ID card.  You can call toll free.

2.  Health Topics – Easy To Read, Easy to Understand

Sometimes health information can be confusing.  That is way we wanted to link you with trusted websites that provide health information on many different subjects in an easy to read, easy to understand way. Click onthe link below to find a list of these websites.

Internet Links to Easy to Read Health Education

3.  Health Brochures in Non-English Languages

If English is not your first language, you will find health information in many non-English languages. Click on the link below to find a list of websites with health information in other languages.

Internet Links to Health Education in Your Language

4.  Your Doctor Can Help Too

Learn how to find a doctor who speaks your language; how to prepare for a doctor visit.; what questions to ask your doctor, the nurse or pharmacist; what to expect from an American-trained doctor; and more. Click on the link below  to find out how your doctor can help you better understand  about your health care.

At the Doctor's Office