Bridging Gaps in Health Care

You've dedicated your life to taking care of your patients. However, understanding and communicating with patients from other cultures or who speak a different language can be a challenge. Many health care industry groups have joined the effort to foster awareness of these disparities and provide tools to help you address them in your own practice. We are proud to be among them!

An On-Line Resource Center for Providers and Office Staff

We offer you and your staff the following web-based tools, resources, education and information to help you provide your patients the most effective and sensitive care possible. There is a wealth of information available on this site to improve cultural competence and patient communication.

Click on the tabs at the top and select from the drop-down menu to access specific information.

Link Members to Our Cultural and Linguistic Assistance Website

We also offer a cultural and linguistic assistance website for our health plan members. Feel free to direct a member to this helpful site, which provides information on how to get language translation assistance, patient handouts in language or easy-to-read and other health literacy tools.