Improving Health Care to Special Groups

Our Commitment to Care and Service Quality for Everyone

“Cultural and linguistic competence is a strong component of our continuous quality improvement efforts.  We join with you to provide our health plan members with culturally and linguistically appropriate care and service.”

This includes a commitment to:

  • Awareness of health care disparities
  • Assessment of the diverse needs of the populations we serve
  • Implementation of improvements that can address those needs
  • Measurement of the success of those improvements
  • Sharing of best practices and incorporation (where appropriate) into care and service

Some of Our Programs

Recently, we launched several programs and initiatives that enhanced our ability to reach out to diverse groups of members.  Highlights include:

  • A Spanish language Web site:
  • Improved provider directories listing languages spoken
  • Online health information tools for members and the general public
  • A provider web portal with cultural tools to make communications easier with patients of various ethnicities or with limited literacy proficiency.
  • Clinical associate training to improve cross-cultural communications skills.

We are proud of our achievements in the area of improving cultural competence. Click on this link to find out more about some of Our Awards and Programs.

“Focusing on diversity helps us to better understand and meet the health needs of the many communities we serve.  Together, we can accomplish our mission of transforming the health care industry – one person, one family and one community at a time.”