Provider Toolkit

Caring for Diverse Populations Better Communication, Better Care:
A Toolkit for Physicians and Health Care Professionals

This Toolkit for Caring for Diverse Populations provides ideas, resources and tools that can help doctors and their staffs better understand and communicate with select patient groups. It is organized into several sections. Each contains background information and tools that can be printed for use in your office.  You may browse each of the sections using the links below, or download the entire toolkit (PDF) by clicking the button below.



Resources To Assist With A Diverse Patient Population Base:
Encounter tips for providers and clinical staff
A mnemonic to assist with patient interviews
Help in identifying literacy problems
An interview guide for hiring clinical staff with cultural competency

Resources To Communicate Across Language Barriers:
Tips for locating and working with interpreters
Language identification flashcards
Common signs and sentences in many languages
Language self-assessment tools

Resources to Increase Awareness of Cultural Background And Its Impact on Health Care Delivery:
Information about health care beliefs of different cultural backgrounds
Tips for talking with a wide range of people across cultures about a variety of culturally sensitive topics

Regulations and Standards for Cultural and Linguistic Services:
A summary of the "Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Service (CLAS) Standards"
Information about some key legislation

Resources for Cultural and Linguistic Services:
Links to additional tools in multiple languages
Links to additional tools written for those with limited English proficiency
Staff and physician cultural and linguistic competency training resources
A bibliography of resources for conducting a practice assessment

This toolkit contains materials developed by and used with the permission of the Industry Collaboration Effort (ICE) Cultural and Linguistics Workgroup. For more information about the ICE Workgroup, go to: