Do you know anyone who:

  • Is confused or unsure about how to interact in a medical setting?
  • Could benefit from improved communication skills in a medical setting?
  • Is not sure where to go for appropriate medical services?
  • Does not know about patient rights?

Medical consumerism is about helping patients be more empowered and informed customers of health care services.

We offer two types of trainings (both available in English and Spanish):

  • Guiding Patients to Better Health Care
    • Includes tools to deliver the content in-person to patient or community groups
      • Instructor's Guide provides the educator with suggestions for presenting the course material, along with suggested activities to reinforce key concepts
      • PowerPoint® presentation that the educator may use to show to groups
      • Handouts for patient reference and appointment preparation
      These materials are located in the "Teaching Tools For You" section; the Instructor's Guide and PowerPoint® presentation can be found under "Tell Your Story."

      For a brief two-minute introduction to Guiding Patients to Better Health Care, please view this video:

  • Improving Your Health Care Experience
    • For PATIENTS or individual caregivers
    • Includes interactive exercises and handouts to support major learning points
    • For a brief two-minute introduction to Improving Your Health Care Experience, please view this video:

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